Brand Development, Website, PR, Collateral

Project Overview

OrTran was founded on the philosophy of ‘managing freight, not filling trucks;’ a point of view manifested in industry-turning ideas, key relationships with major shippers, and a whole new career option for drivers.

Our collaborations included rebranding the company, branding and launching a new service offering, recruitment, corporate and intranet websites, print collateral and social advertising. The company was sold in 2016.

  • From day one I knew we had engaged a marketing partner that understood the higher vision and could take our program to a whole new level.

    David Orscheln President, OrTran

New Service Launch

Driver recruiting and profitable lanes are constant challenges in trucking. OrTran was tired of short wins. In 2015, the company completely re-invented their operation to solve what they saw as the underlying issues: more driver home time and less equipment downtime.

Applying fundamental principles in new ways, they worked in partnership with customers to redesign their lanes, creating 500-mile roundtrip tours that would get a driver home every day or night. Paired with relays, drop-lots and slip seats, the company was prepared to keep its equipment on the road to maximize profit per truck.

Allegory created the brand name, tagline, and promotional materials to launch this new service.

  • Your team is incredibly creative. We love this partnership.

    Jim Davis COO, OrTran

Driver Recruiting Website and Campaign

Introducing OTR Evolution meant overhauling the company’s recruiting program to target a broader audience of potential drivers who may not have considered an over-the-road operation.

Included in the effort were:

  • OrTran Tours website
  • Driver Ambassador Materials
  • Pocket-sized Brochures
  • Social Ad Campaign


Growth through a merger meant OrTran needed to bring together two cultures and several service lines. Along the way, they needed to engage drivers and their internal staff around the vision of single, streamlined operation and brand.

Looking across the cultural divide, they began to find some common ground. The history of both businesses was rooted in disrupting a model for a customer-focus and standing strongly by their word. The story that emerged was told through a Hero-Revolutionary-Innocent profile and the tagline: Reliability Redefined.

OrTran’s rebrand deliverables included:

  • New tagline
  • New logo
  • Corporate ID
  • Truck graphics

We Believe…

  • Turning the model upside down gives us a competitive edge.
  • It’s about managing freight, not filling trucks.
  • In saying yes and rising to the occasion.
  • Customer confidence is won on promises delivered.
  • A call at 5 pm Friday is as important as first thing on Monday.
  • In skipping the holiday when you need a hero.
  • Trucking is in our blood.
  • How you handle what goes wrong is just as important as what goes right.
  • Pride is reflected in the shine of the maintenance floor. 

  • Flexibility strengthens commitment.
  • Success is a sense of urgency (without the emergency.)
  • Driver appreciation is every day of the year.
  • The first five minutes are the most important.
  • In getting you home for your daughter’s birthday.
  • We’re growing smarter together.
  • In doing what’s right, not what’s easy.
  • A scalable infrastructure grounds us as we grow.
  • Success is fueled by passion.

Positioning Statement

Inner drive
It’s what separates the company that does the right thing, from those that do the easy thing. It’s what allows a growing family company to do big business. While others work to fill their trucks, we’re focused on managing your freight. It’s an upside-down model that gives us a competitive edge. It’s a philosophy that means our customers always win.

Reliability redefined.
We believe in saying yes and rising to the occasion. Because people will believe what we do and customer confidence is won on promises delivered. Here, Friday afternoon is as important as Monday morning. We’ll bring equipment that makes the grade and an uncompromising commitment to keep your production facility humming. We’ll skip the holiday to save the day. And when there’s an issue, we bring you options, not excuses.

Start Strong. Drive Proud.
We’re looking for a few good men – and women, professional drivers with trucking in their blood. If you were born to run and have a passion for performance, we’ll give you the training, technology and the support to carry you. At OrTran, we celebrate driver appreciation every day of the year. We’ll maximize your time and minimize the deadhead through load planning that works to bring you home for your daughter’s birthday. And our flexibility will strengthen your commitment.

Single Minded. Whole Hearted.
Our company was founded on a street corner and built through a pledge to take care of others. We’re family-owned and family oriented, becoming smarter together. Today, a scalable infrastructure grounds us as we grow. Aligning our strengths throughout our operation, we’re the one company who can get the job done.