Performance Industrial

Branding & Web Design

Project Overview

In the 28 years since Mark Miller opened his one-man power washing business, almost everything about it had changed. It had grown to a team of almost 30 handling the dirtiest and most complex industrial cleaning and painting jobs for manufacturers, hospitals, colleges, grocery chains, casinos and more. He needed a new way to tell his story.

Project Deliverables

Working directly with President, Mark Miller, we developed: a new name, brand language, logo and tagline, website, print collateral, tradeshow booth graphics, truck graphics, video animation, internal launch, external launch, premium gifts, inbound marketing strategies and special event promotion.

We Believe…

  • Sunday or sundown, we’ll work to meet your schedule and exceed your expectations.
  • With front stage and back stage working in concert, we deliver an outstanding performance.
  • No matter how difficult the job, our OSHA SHARP certification is your insurance that safety always comes first.
  • Brains come before brawn.
  • We’re the one-stop shop that puts your mind at ease.
  • Our teams are self-sufficient and self-motivated.
  • Dedication to education ensures superior standards.
  • Our reputation grows, one loyal customer at a time, in Tech Valley, across New York State and beyond.
  • In making you look like a hero.
  • The only things we leave behind are clean buildings, fresh paint and bare metal.
  • In exceptional results delivered with professional stealth.
  • Our jobs may be dirty but our appearance will make you proud you hired us.
  • In preventing fires and eliminating fears.
  • Patriotism is both our passion and our practice.
  • Commitment to community is a badge of honor.
  • You can’t afford not to hire us.

New Name. New Logo.

At the heart of the problem was the name of his business. Americlean was often mistaken for a residential house painter, an office janitorial service or a dry cleaner. A new name would need to capture the underlying emotional needs of customers and prospects and align them with a single story that would strike the right chord to move the company forward.


Corporate Website

With Allegory’s help, the company’s brand has undergone a complete transformation. Relaunched as Performance Industrial, it has tapped into the essence of what it delivers and sports a new tagline, “The frontrunner behind the scenes,” that describes the role staff plays in improving facilities.



Go Straight to the Source

Welcome to Performance Industrial, a one-stop shop for your commercial and industrial painting and cleaning needs. Our specialized teams are frontrunners behind the scenes; expertly trained and professionally certified.

You’ll find us inside ducts and outside buildings. We take paint off. We put paint on. We prevent fires and eliminate fears. In hospitals, commercial kitchens, colleges and clean rooms, our reputation grows one satisfied customer at a time.

Dirty. Difficult. Done.

Sunday or sundown, we’ll meet your schedule and exceed your expectations, with front stage and back stage working in concert to deliver an outstanding performance. From the grease of commercial kitchen hoods to the grit of the sandblaster, we’re up to our elbows every day and lovin’ every minute.

Our teams are self-motivated and self-sufficient, providing exceptional results with professional stealth. Your facility will shine. And you’re the one who will look like a hero.

Brain before brawn.

Here, we are dedicated to education to ensure superior standards and a record we’re proud to stand behind. No matter how challenging the situation, our OSHA SHARP certification is your insurance that safety always comes first.

No matter how grimy the job, we show up in uniform and the only things we leave behind are clean buildings, fresh paint and bare metal.

When you need a single source and expert execution, you can’t afford not to hire us.


Today, Performance Industrial is strongly positioned as the one-stop shop for all of the area’s commercial and industrial cleaning and painting needs.

  • I have received so much positive feedback on the work the Allegory team has done. It has all been awesome. I should throw them a party just to show my appreciation for the work they do that makes my company shine! I’m so lucky to know this group!

    Mark Miller Performance Industrial