Stored Technology Solutions

Brand Development, Website, Events & Collateral

Project Overview

StoredTech had experienced significant year-over-year growth in its six years in business. As the company continued to refine and grow its professional team, scale the business and enter new geographic markets, it was time to take a strong position through its brand and marketing.

Project Deliverables

Emphasis was placed on StoredTech’s client-focused culture and reputation as a supportive business partner as opposed to a transactional vendor. The brand was rolled out through a new website, print collateral, pitch decks, tradeshow graphics, and event planning and promotion.

Brand language emphasizes the importance of long-term relationships paired with leading technical solutions.

We Believe…

  • In listening before selling and asking before acting.
  • IT means ‘In it Together’. We never push you out of the way.
  • We’re not a call center; we’re a relationship hub.
  • There is a place for both passion and compassion in technology.
  • Through Agent Installation, we take every ticket to heart.
  • We save time, money, frustration… and perhaps, your hair.
  • We are a roadmap to keep you forward-focused, not a hero for crisis cleanup.
  • Customer delight means knowing your name.
  • Impeccable expectations ensure an A+ team.
  • You want to feel safe, not stupid.
  • It’s our responsibility to donate tools and time to our community.
  • From sales goals to the Super Bowl, 5-star reviews to Star Wars, our hard work is celebrated on the big screen.
  • Your business thrives at the intersection of ideas and infrastructure.
  • People love us, and we’re cool with that.


The Heart of Your Business

Welcome to StoredTech, the relationship hub in your data-driven world. With passion and skill, our A+ team will guide you to opportunity at the intersection of ideas and infrastructure.

IT means ‘In it Together’

We listen before selling and ask before acting, serving managed services with a side of compassion. Because we believe you deserve more than crisis cleanup, and we’re determined to make you feel safe, not stupid. Our focus on long-term partnerships means we promise to never push you out of the way.

As the landscape of information technology, telecommunications and security evolves, we provide an IT roadmap to keep you forward-focused. The right solution for the right reason will save time, money, (frustration)… and perhaps, even your hair, as our offerings adapt and scale with your potential.

People love us, and we’re cool with that.

Submit a ticket and talk to a human. We take your business personally, so it’s only natural that our team knows your name.

Work hard, play hard, and celebrate on the big screen. Sales goals or the Super Bowl, 5-star reviews or Star Wars, the party really rocks when the community is invited.

We don’t do bits and bytes; we do customer delight. With the vision of a CIO and the confidence of a trusted friend, we’re the good guys…and we make YOU even greater.