The LA Group

Branding & Marketing

Project Overview

Since 1974, The LA Group has had significant impact as a premier landscape architecture and engineering firm. After 40 years in business, however, firm leaders realized that their brand was built on who they were, not their current successes or potential. With ownership transitions, potential acquisitions, and principal retirements around the corner, a strong brand foundation became critical for their future.

Through an in-depth culture assessment, rebranding, website launch and continued marketing support, the firm is now able to communicate its core beliefs, services, and strengths in a consistent and compelling way.

  • Allegory brought a much needed breath of fresh air. The brand process and ongoing marketing support has reinvigorated our company, positioning us stronger than ever to compete in this ever-evolving industry.

    C. Michael Ingersoll Principal, The LA Group


One of the goals of The LA Group’s rebrand was to create an identity that would bridge generations and inspire a sense of ownership from both veteran and newly hired employees. With all levels of the company involved in different phases of the process, the natural result was a perfect marriage of history and potential.

The brand process also uncovered a Hero, Ruler and Everyperson archetypal pattern that inspired a new tagline, “People. Purpose. Place.” Today, the tagline has evolved into a living motto that’s found its way onto everything from proposal headlines and job descriptions, to team dinner invitations and more.

The LA Group’s rebrand deliverables included:

  • New tagline and logo
  • Corporate ID materials
  • Internal launch event and team retreat
  • 40th anniversary celebration and external launch
  • Advertising and leave behind templates

We Believe…

  • In personal relationships; built on respect and over time.
  • People are at the center of our success.
  • Design is about creating experience.
  • In taking fun seriously; from a perfect run to a record drive.
  • We’re sustainable by nature.
  • In balancing beauty with science and squaring vision with budget to help you meet your goals.
  • Practical creativity keeps projects on track.
  • In delivering straight stories about winding paths.
  • Our reputation precedes us up mountain peaks and down main streets.
  • Teamwork is the natural order of things.
  • Impeccable plans are par for the course.
  • Getting to YES quickly makes The LA Group your best investment.
  • When it comes to honoring those who have served, we stand proudly with the best in the nation.
  • We create places of prestige, from the Olympics to National Parks.
  • History, culture and ecology blend to create a sense of place.

40th Anniversary Celebration

The LA Group chose to celebrate their new brand and anniversary by inviting close friends, collaborators and partners to an exclusive artist retreat, Yaddo, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Yaddo was one of the firm’s first projects and returning to the location to celebrate their future was a testament to their newly defined brand values.

Allegory helped the firm host its anniversary celebration with:

  • A custom invitation: Reminiscent of a pocket travel guide, this “exploding” print piece unfolds as it reveals a map for guests to follow. RSVPs were collected through vintage postcards that invited attendees to reflect on a favorite memory or project with the firm
  • Interactive maps: Allegory designed and produced three 3’ x 4’ magnetic maps that featured hundreds of LA Group projects. Guests were invited to “pin” the ones they enjoyed most and, by the end of the evening, each map was filled with a colorful display that symbolized 40 years of service and partnership.
  • Existing clients, business associates, friends and strangers continue to give us positive feedback on our brand, website, and overall presentation. Thanks to the work Allegory has done, we’ve won new projects, attracted new talent, and uncovered newfound positivity and pride.

    Joe Sporko Principal, The LA Group


Allegory partnered with The LA to complete redesign of its website. With a strategy rooted in brand and business goals, the site was moved from a confusing, cluttered and dated design to one that capitalized on its impactful photography and industry-changing thought leadership.

Highlights of the mobile-responsive website included

  • People: As visitors scroll through the “Team” page, they’ll be surprised to see a lighter side of the firm. Each photo transitions from a traditional headshot to a photo of that person in the place that inspires them most.
  • Purpose: The homepage highlights industry-changing projects and calls-to-action where the firm is setting the pace for new ideas
  • Place: A robust, easy-to-navigate portfolio with powerful imagery and story-telling language helps each visitor feel the sensory details and understand the community impact of each unique project
  • We’ve had prospects come to us directly to say that our website is the reason they’ve contacted us. They say it is impactful, informative, and gives them the confidence that we’re the people they want to work with.

    C. Michael Ingersoll Principal, The LA Group


With The LA Group’s ownership transition goals in mind, Allegory developed a unique approach to marketing that shared the responsibility amongst a new generation of potential firm leaders. Following a content marketing philosophy, The LA Group’s mid-level team members worked one-on-one with Allegory to author educational content, seminars, speaking proposals and more to support specific business goals. Together, their cumulative efforts had exponential impact and simultaneously prepared them to step into formal business development roles.

Allegory has supported The LA Group team with:

  • Blog strategies and campaigns
  • Social media strategies
  • Personal brand development
  • Target audience analysis and persona development
  • Advertising copy and design
  • Infographics and leave behinds
  • Speaking proposals and presentations
  • Public relations and networking support