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Brand Development, Website, PR, Collateral

Project Overview

Since 1974, The LA Group has made a significant impact in Saratoga Springs, New York State and across the country as a premier landscape architecture and engineering firm. Their work extends from national cemeteries and state parks, to resorts, colleges and universities, healthcare institutions, corporate campuses and historic downtowns.

Project Deliverables

Working directly with the company’s executive team, we developed: brand language, a logo refinement, tagline, website, print collateral, advertising, and 40th anniversary event planning and execution.

  • With our new brand strategy in place, the whole team is clear about our message. Newsletters and e-blasts are easier to write. Sales calls are easier to make.

    Chuck Salem Unique Venues

We Believe…

  • In advancing a common agenda, side-by-side.
  • If you don’t fit in with the crowd, you belong here.
  • In evening out the playing field.
  • In being real. Period.
  • Uniqueness is what unites us.
  • Stepping outside of the box gives us a greater perspective.
  • In staying one step ahead of innovation.
  • We inspire each other to go further.
  • Nothing replaces the rewards of hard work.
  • There is strength in our numbers.
  • In making connections – online and off.
  • In inviting good company to the gathering.
  • Pioneers don’t need to travel alone.
  • We’re creating “A League of our Own.”
  • In networking, networking, networking.
  • We promote presence.
  • Technology can take us to new places.
  • We open doors to one-of-a-kind.
  • It’s time for a new adventure.

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Unite with Unique

As a location, you are anything but ordinary.

At Unique Venues, you are in good company. Here, we level the playing field, giving one-of-a-kind properties a presence that helps them stand out alongside a crowd of big names.

We’ll show you the ropes through membership programs that help you capitalize on your differences and tools that create connections. Trust the strength in our numbers.

We’re opening doors

Tired of the tried and true? At Unique Venues, we invite you to experience new possibilities through spaces that turn traditional on its head.

Formal and fancy or simple and subtle. Grand scale or intimate. Corporate or casual. We’ll introduce you to meeting locations that have never crossed your desk. Expect the unexpected and bring your sense of adventure.

A step ahead of innovation

We pioneered a new niche in our industry, bringing together the non-traditional and creating a ‘League of our Own.’ Today that passion continues to take us to new places.

With our team behind us, we are comfortable out in front. And together, we go further.

Unique Venues. You belong here.

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