Wabash National

Integrated Campaign Development, Print, Video and Web

Project Overview

New acquisitions and innovative adaptations of core technologies have placed increasing demands on the Wabash marketing team as they work to introduce an expanded product line in new industries.

Allegory Studios supports the Wabash team, refining brand messages and collaborating on key projects. Recent initiatives include a national advertising campaign, employee communications programs, innovation videos, community billboards and website content.


Customer Relationship Campaign


Customer Relationship Campaign Videos

Employee Recruiting and Retention

We are Wabash Campaign

During the economic recovery in 2013, Wabash National rebuilt its manufacturing workforce to meet rising demands for new trailers. This campaign, articulated as a series of billboards placed along highways in the region, helped to enhance the company’s image as one of the largest and longest standing employers in the community. Company associates were celebrated using images of actual staff. The result was a renewed trust in the company and a distinct sense of ownership, connection and pride felt throughout the manufacturing floor as the employee count rose steadily.