Walking Mountains

Brand Development, Website, PR, Collateral

Project Overview

The former Gore Range Natural Science School had limited awareness within Colorado’s Vail Valley and was confused with a K-12 school. The rebrand was timed with the groundbreaking of a $10 million, LEED Platinum campus.

The new brand was introduced through a multi-faceted launch campaign, new website and ongoing marketing support, raising its visibility with the state, potential partners and donors. It was instrumental in the continued growth of this non-profit in programs, funding and outcomes.

  • What I appreciated most about the Allegory process was the internal reflection and how understanding our Archetypes guided the brand. If you find your essence and work from that viewpoint, whatever you create will be authentic and stand the test of time.

    Markian Feduschak President, Walking Mountains


The Archetypal Profile that emerged through the brand work included Jester (playfulness), Explorer (innovation) and Sage (knowledge). This profile became the creative blueprint for a new name, visual identity and voice. Validated through surveys, interviews and focus groups, the new brand story captures the joy of learning in nature, the innovation of place-based education and the importance of stewardship.

The new brand reflects their educational philosophy and positions Walking Mountains as a forward-thinking model for science education. With their green campus opening, they were highlighted by the Colorado Governor and are enjoying broader exposure to media, potential funders and special interest groups.

Allegory Studios third time ReBrand winnerWalking Mountains’ rebrand deliverables included:
• New Name and tagline
• Logo Artwork
• Corporate ID materials
• Launch campaigns and events – staff, board, partners, schools, community
• Print Advertising
• Posters
• Brochures
• Newsletter
• Promotional items


We Believe…

  • What we experience, we learn.
  • In exploring the wilderness that surrounds us and listening for her secrets.
  • In following animal tracks, getting our feet wet, crawling in the grass and staying up late to count the stars and visit the moon.
  • That we grow in the presence of birds, bugs, and blossoms.
  • Delight leads to connection and connection leads to respect.
  • That given a chance, the earth will move you.
  • Wisdom is born of wonder.
  • In sharing our passion for the earth through education and research.
  • In reaching out to touch every child, so that they may reach out.
  • Nature is for everyone and our programs should be too.
  • We will make a difference, one person and one program at a time.
  • In inspiring scientific inquiry in our beautiful backyard laboratory.
  • That critical thinking and creativity thrive on curiosity.
  • That learning in nature enriches students and develops stewards.
  • We are the mountains; the mountains are us.


The website launched in 2009 was highly interactive and fully integrated with the center’s membership database and fundraising suite. For the first time, it enabled online enrollment, ecommerce and targeted content based on login permissions.

The user interface was custom-designed with the new visual look of the brand including seasonal and stunning photography of programs taking place in the Vail Valley. The Homepage was designed for calendar, blog and social feeds regarding upcoming events. Event pages were designed for sharing photo galleries.



Celebrate. Experience. Awaken.

We are the mountains; the mountains are us. The world is alive, breathing beneath us and with us. Come explore this wild and wonderful place and learn the language of the land.

Not all those who wander are lost.

Here, we understand that there’s no better way to connect with Mother Nature than to experience her beauty in our own backyard. Here, we learn on foot and applaud imagination – following animal tracks, wading in streams, crawling in the grass, and staying up late to visit with the moon and count the stars. We learn about ourselves from the birds, bugs, and blossoms.

Wisdom is born of our wonder.

We intend to share our passion for the natural world in ways that make a difference. From the high peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we are teaching science and engaging in research, creating answers to today’s challenges.

Given a chance, the earth will move you.

We will inspire stewardship and sustainable living, one person and one program at a time. From child to adult. Amateur naturalist to graduate environmentalist. e headwaters of the Gore Range and Eagle River Valley to the world.

Campus Groundbreaking and Fundraising Events

Allegory assisted in the planning and promotion of numerous events for Walking Mountains. Our support effort included:

• Print invitations
• Email campaigns
• Advertising
• Event presentations


Allegory partnered with Walking Mountains during a critical growth phase and until they could fully staff a marketing department.

We supported the Walking Mountains’ team with:
• Print materials
• Blog strategies
• Email campaigns
• Advertising
• Annual Reports
• Public Relations