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The Wesley Community has provided services and programs with a commitment to compassion, caring and excellence for 40 years. It began as an innovative combination of independent housing for older adults and skilled nursing care on a single site and has grown to today’s multiplex of supportive services that enhance hundreds of lives daily.

Wesley is well known in the region and beyond for the superior level of skilled nursing care it offers aging residents. What many people didn’t know is that The Wesley Community brings a broad scope of services including Physical Therapy and Enriched and Independent Living to people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Allegory assisted Wesley in rebuilding its website with navigation and content that would help raise awareness around all of its services. The new website, complete with five testimonial videos, shines a light on six distinct offerings available to the entire community. The testimonial videos were also repurposed as local 30-second spots.

Logo refinement, brand messaging, copywriting, website strategy, graphic design, video and commercials.


Custom Videos

Custom Videos

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