• From the start, Allegory recognized the foundational storyline running through every aspect of our business. From our custom solutions to our driver programs, to our equipment innovations, to the design of buildings, they understood that everything we do here is tied to our culture. They designed a strategy around that story, and they told it beautifully. It continues to make Nussbaum stand out in our industry.

    Brent Nussbaum CEO, Nussbaum Transportation
  • You are AMAZING! Thank you Allegory for your inspiration, creativity and collaboration on our culture audit.
    Rachel Delong UBUnity
  • What I appreciated most about the Allegory process was the internal reflection and how understanding our Archetypes guided the brand. If you find your essence and work from that viewpoint, whatever you create will be authentic and stand the test of time.

    Markian Feduschak President, Walking Mountains
  • High marks to Allegory for their creativity. They took the time to get to know our business and brought that understanding into every detail — from business cards and announcements to ads and videos.

    David Hyde President, Shaeffer Hyde Construction
  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m very excited about the future and the board is too. Your guidance has helped make us a stronger organization.

    JK Perry Public Access TV 5
  • Allegory's process does not create the brand. Reality is, the brand is already inside you. The process reaches deep, pulls that brand out of you, puts it on the table in front of you and says "Here I am. I've been waiting patiently the whole time just waiting to be given permission to come out and play.” Allegory then creates the design and language and shows you how to convey it to the people you most want to talk to.

    Adam McNeill True Living Financial
  • Your thoughtful and incremental education leading the group through the process created an attitude of investment and consensus. That is not an easy task with a bunch of know it all lawyers and you mastered it!! We should put you in front of a jury!

    Susan E. Farley, Esq Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti
  • Very impactful!  Best marketing project yet!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about getting this message on our trailers.

    Brent Nussbaum Nussbaum Transportation
  • With our new brand strategy in place, the whole team is clear about our message. Newsletters and e-blasts are easier to write. Sales calls are easier to make.

    Chuck Salem Unique Venues
  • Our marketing program had lost direction as we reinvented ourselves year after year. Allegory brought a strategic approach to our messaging that allows us to be authentic, compelling and consistent. We are saving significant dollars as the program continues to roll out because our story is strong and will stand the test of time.

    Michele Nichols Unique Venues
  • Allegory really spent time getting to know us. Our new brand reflects who we are within the larger Ameriprise organization. It inspires our team and will attract the right people and opportunities as we continue to grow.

    Paul Kropatsch Ethos Financial Partners
  • The collaborative brand process challenged us to think. Instead of building something based on what our customers wanted us to be, Allegory helped us go deeper to truly define who we are, what we want to be, and why. They then helped us bring it to life through communications with our employees, business partners, and customers.

    Randy Collins CSArch Architecture
  • Very impactful! Best marketing project yet!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about getting this message on our trailers.

    Brent Nussbaum CEO, Nussbaum Transportation
  • You have done an incredible job facilitating this process with aplomb and poise. I have learned a great deal from you and look forward to the launch of this new brand.

    Laura Chiappetta Walking Mountains
  • On Elements Day Spa’s behalf…the best thing we’ve done!! Such great inspiration was born here, I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

    Laura Cassidy Anzalone
  • Excellent workshop! Thank you! ***Calling all small businesses… You need to go to the next one…!!!

    Taylor Slaugh Eagle Chamber of Commerce
  • Thank you for the internal brand presentation. It was very professional and eye opening for many. The results are certainly what we asked for and more! A breath of much needed fresh air!

    C. Michael Ingersoll The LA Group
  • Thank you for a wonderful day — everybody LOVES the ‘I BELIEVE’ campaign!

    Chris Bushee Saratoga Today Newspaper
  • I have received so much positive feedback on the work the Allegory team has done. It has all been awesome. I should throw them a party just to show my appreciation for the work they do that makes my company shine! I’m so lucky to know this group!

    Mark Miller Performance Industrial
  • I did not realize ‘Branding’ could be such a pain free experience! The workshop was exceptional and your style and communication were great.

    Kevin Carey Lifestylized
  • I LOVED YOUR PRESENTATION; in fact, I can’t stop talking about it! Thank you for helping us understand who we are and developing an emotional way of talking about ourselves!

    Steven Kosakow Optaros
  • “Our website is the best weapon in our business development arsenal right now. It speaks for us and we’re confident Allegory’s design and navigation structure will guide visitors where they need to go to choose us as their architect.”

    Brett Balzer Partner, Balzer and Tuck Architecture
  • Marketing Mastery is terrific and the Allegory team is impressive. We left each session with specific, practical to-dos that were directly applicable to refreshing our company’s look and focus. You simply cannot walk away from this series without learning something. It just clicks!

    Don Denofio Saratoga's Community Federal Credit Union
  • The Allegory team members are amongst our most trusted advisors. Their work helped us survive the recession and continues to position us for sustainable growth. We depend on them to be our partner in strategic planning, creative direction, marketing and communications.

    Randolph Collins, AIA President & Co-Founder
  • These workshop sessions offered dynamic, powerful, and incredible information that I can use in my marketing for the rest of my career.

    Karen Carey Ruby Red Road
  • This has been one of the best investments I have made in my business! Allegory helped capture our brand story and express our vision.  At the time, I didn’t totally understand why branding was so important. Now I know and refer back to the materials we created all the time for all our advertising and correspondence.

    Theresa Stelter Hillcreek Designs
  • From day one I knew we had engaged a marketing partner that understood the higher vision and could take our program to a whole new level.

    David Orscheln President, OrTran
  • This was one of the most inspiring and informative workshops I have ever taken. It’s a new way of thinking about your identity and really connects with what is true in the world. I’ve noticed improved decision making and more effective campaigns simply because of the knowledge of this amazing workshop.

    Mary Casey Boulder Quest Center
  • Your team is incredibly creative. We love this partnership.

    Jim Davis COO, OrTran
  • I just wanted to share how inspiring this entire re-branding effort has been. I’ve been involved in two other branding projects that had under-whelming results. This, on the other hand, has been impressive.

    Geralin Reyes NBS
  • Allegory brought a much needed breath of fresh air. The brand process and ongoing marketing support has reinvigorated our company, positioning us stronger than ever to compete in this ever-evolving industry.

    C. Michael Ingersoll Principal, The LA Group
  • Existing clients, business associates, friends and strangers continue to give us positive feedback on our brand, website, and overall presentation. Thanks to the work Allegory has done, we’ve won new projects, attracted new talent, and uncovered newfound positivity and pride.

    Joe Sporko Principal, The LA Group
  • We’ve had prospects come to us directly to say that our website is the reason they’ve contacted us. They say it is impactful, informative, and gives them the confidence that we’re the people they want to work with.

    C. Michael Ingersoll Principal, The LA Group
  • Allegory’s brand work was a bright light in the first year of our charter school. Amidst a sea of challenges and opposing points of you, Allegory helped us express our founding principles in a way that built excitement; it’s a story that continues to inspire us.

    Siri Reynolds Assistant Principal, Stone Creek Charter