Trent Blizzard

Web Development and SEO

Trent is an Internet Marketing Expert who is passionate about usability in web design, WordPress, and Google Analytics. He believes that “the best way to get a better Google ranking is to improve your website to make it worthy of a better ranking.” And with Trent on the team a website worthy of a better ranking is exactly what you get. He helps clients develop their online presence and SEM strategies with the kind of authority and expertise of your favorite college professor, teaching you exactly how and why you should follow his outline.

A sought after thought-leader, Trent’s web development and SEO experience span more than 18 years. He is a founder of BlizzardPress, one of Allegory’s strategic partners, where he influences our clients’ online marketing strategies, designing highly usable WordPress websites, developing search engine and social media optimization programs, and managing pay-per-click and analytics initiatives.

Previously, Trent is also a founder of Blizzard Internet Marketing (1997), a web-marketing agency that worked with large clients nationwide. During his 15 years with Blizzard Internet Marketing, he managed between 25-65 employees, built over 1,000 websites, provided SEO and SEM services valued at more than $20 million and managed over $10 million in pay-per-click (PPC) spending with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Overture.

When not behind a monitor, Trent enjoys scouting mushrooms with his wife Kristen and keeping up with his two teenagers.


Fordham University 1991-1993


Kenyon College, 1987-1991

high school teacher and coach