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Inspirations to build your brand and promote your business

  • 5 Steps to Your Next Big Idea
    5 Steps to Your Next Big Idea
    Improve Your Creative Process to Build More Successful Concepts At the Inbound 2014 Conference in Boston, I attended a great session with Mark Johnstone, the VP of Creative at Distilled, an online marketing agency with offices in London, New York, and Seattle. The presentation, called “Big Client Ideas: How to Make Them Happen” lured me […]
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  • Brain Chemicals and Corporate Culture
    Brain Chemicals and Corporate Culture
    A Four Letter Strategy for a Healthy Work Environment At his Inbound 2014 keynote, Simon Sinek did it again. He turned the complicated topic of corporate culture into a four-letter strategy for building high-performing teams. That’s right. Volumes have been written about culture, team building and leadership, yet Simon brought home his lesson in the letters […]
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  • PR Goes Inbound at the Speed of Light
    PR Goes Inbound at the Speed of Light
    Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles/second. That’s 671 million miles/hour. The public relations industry? It’s that… x2.
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